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Pro Engineering Design Consultant (PENDEC) is a Civil/ Structural Engineering Consulting company registered in the Commonwealth of Dominica specialising in all aspect of Civil and Structural Engineering Designs, Architectural Designs, Property Consulting services, Project and Construction Management.  We are a diverse company with a highly and trained experienced team who takes pride in delivering professional services that are innovative and economically smart. 

Our commitment to our clients are projects that are of quality, efficiency and durability which are key fundamentals in keeping with our motto ‘Safe Design, Longer Durability’.  PENDEC has serviced both the private and public sectors and has offered extensively a broad spectrum of services ranging from designing the communities where we work, sleep and our children play - to inspecting and supervising the construction of the roads and bridges we drive and walk on each day.


Mission Statement

Delivering professional consulting services that are innovative and economically smart which meet our client's budget. 


 “Safe design, Longer Durability”


To become a reliable top force in the Engineering consulting industry in the region. To ensure our client's vision is our design reality.

our vision
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