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Dominica Coconut Products

a Colgate Palmolive Company

Due to the extensive rainfall brought by Tropical Storm Erika from August 26th to 27th, 2015, a total of up to 450.0 mm of rainfall recorded over the two-day period greatly affected the industrial plant and tank farms. PENDEC was commissioned to undertake a damage assessment of the facilities to analyse the following: 

  • the extent of any structural damage to walls of the tank farms

  • the extent of repairs needed and practicality of carrying out those repairs and,

  • Recommendations for flood mitigation measures for tank farms and general plant.


Dominica Waitukubuli National Trail (WNT)

Our Director worked along with the client to provide three(3) pedestrian bridge crossings design concept. The end result was a more economical product with low maintenance cost.

Our design involved two (2) suspended cable pedestrian crossings and one (1) composite crossing of metal and timber for segments 5 &11 of the WNT.


We were also retained to provide complete design and supervision of the WNT Research and Interpretation Centre at Pond Case in partnership with the Architectural firm of Esprit Ultimate Design Inc.  

Civil Design

Projects in Dominica.

PENDEC has provided structural designs for residential, commercial and industrial buildings since our inception. We have utilised some of the leading design programs such as Revit, StaadPro, CSC Orion and other computer aided softwares to facilitate our clients upscale designs. 


Over the years, we have become very reputable in peer reviews, proof checking and structural certifications of all building types.  

Structural Design
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